6 Important Things You Should Know Before Radiation Therapy

Cancer is a harsh condition, and so are its treatment techniques. The pain and the side effects they bring along are torturous enough to rob you off your strength and courage to live. Medical science hasn’t progressed enough to help you get past the trauma related to cancer or provide more comfortable treatment options.

Radiation oncology in India has seen a lot of developments lately, and you will get to avail all these facilities at the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre. Having prior information about the significant aspects of your treatment can genuinely help you through it.

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Radiation therapy for cancer is one of the most common forms of treatments. There are two pivotal types of information that you must make yourself familiar with:

The technical aspect

It is vital to get well-versed with this aspect and consider everything well so that you don’t run into any issues through the process.

The medical team

 When taking up a complicated medical procedure like radiation therapy, make sure you make yourself familiar with your medical team and understand their way of working. You will get treated by the best in the class team at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre.

 People to consult

Make sure you have made proper consultations and appointments before signing up, to ensure adequate conviction with the treatment and peace of mind.


Since it is a major, life-transforming procedure, you will have to deal with some legalities and contracts dealing with radiation oncology in India. Consider them well.

  • The emotional aspect

This aspect is very crucial because it will determine your mental well-being through the procedure. Be strong. You can win this!

You will need will-power

It is a complicated and painful process. There will be days when it will take a lot of courage to go through the routine. Just make sure you keep your will power in place, by regularly interacting with your family, friends and health professionals. Also remember, the pain is worth going through for the sake of your life.

Side-effects may stay longer than expected

Radiation therapy will help you deal with cancer and get rid of it, but along with it, you may also catch some chronic health conditions. Although nothing is as precious as life, you must still prepare yourself mentally for that.

Your schedule won’t be strictly followed 

When going for a therapy routine, your appointment won’t be following the prescribed plan strictly. Some patients may cancel appointments; some may delay theirs. You need to prepare yourself for such inconsistencies by having a flexible mindset. Don’t let yourself get upset over these.

These were some of the things that you must know before signing up for radiation therapy for cancer. It is going to be a long and challenging journey. There will be a lot to tolerate, a lot to test your courage and many sad moments, but in those moments, always remember that you are choosing life over cancer. It is all worth it. All the best! Just remember that you are strong!

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