Don’t Trust on fake Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital cheating complaints on Web

fake Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital cheating complaints


Just a year ago, my brother began developing carcinogenic symptoms. After further tests, he was diagnosed with lung cancer and the doctors directed us to the RGCIRC for better treatment. After initial advice and suggestions, we got him admitted to the RGCIRC. The situation wasn’t very good as we had already wasted a lot of time before the tests and cancer had already reached a critical stage. Since we were dealing with something of that sort for the first time, therefore we were afraid of the Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital complaints, which we came across online.

We used to think that cancer is a disease which leaves a slight possibility of survival and that’s why we were doing every possible thing to save my brother’s life. However, the doctors and medical staff at the hospital were very calm and they told us not to worry and not lose hope. We were introduced to the renowned specialist doctors and they assured us that my brother will be fine.

The treatment started and he started showing improvements from the first week itself. The doctors were using a dual approach to treat the disease as they were focusing on the root and the symptoms altogether. There are separate departments for every medical procedure and there’s a great coordination among all of them. The wings for oncology, radiology and imaging, laboratory and transfusion services, anesthesiology, and others work in great coordination with each other.

We didn’t have to run here and there for the medicines as all the medicines were available within the hospital premises only and that too at a very reasonable cost and versatile payment options. We also got an electronic receipt for all the transactions. The medical staffs of the hospital take great care of the patient and are very well behaved. We had no issues regarding the cleanliness and hygiene at the hospital as the cleaning was done daily and satisfactorily. Recently I came across some Rajiv Gandhi Cancer hospital cheating reviews, which I didn’t find true and that’s why I thought that I should write a genuine review of the hospital.

As for the health of the patients, most of the cases who came to the hospital in time were treated and went home as a fit being. We spent nearly a month at the hospital and I believe that much time is enough to judge a place on various parameters. I strongly believe that the infrastructure and the hi-tech facilities at the hospital are unmatched and we rarely come across such facilities in an Indian hospital. The kin of patients also has no issues regarding food and other necessities as there is a well-functioning cafeteria on the premises. One doesn’t have to worry about things like security and parking as they have got it covered. As for my brother, right now he is sitting next to me and smiling as I am writing this review.

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