Fact About RGCIRC rajiv gandhi cancer hospital: Don’t Trust On fake cheating & complaint cases

rajiv gandhi cancer hospital cheating

Cancer is the most challenging disease that requires only the best doctors and outstanding medical facilities. Being a very close relative of a cancer patient, I can perfectly understand that it completely depends on choosing the right hospital for cancer treatment.

Last two years back, my cousin brother was diagnosed with liver cancer. Without wasting time, I immediately admitted him to the most suitable and one of the very best cancer treatment centres in India- Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research centre. It is counted among the top cancer hospital in Asia and is a premium category hospital that provides patients with exclusive cancer treatments.

Although many people were warning me about this hospital saying that there are lots of cheating cases and that patients were wrongly treated, still I didn’t even budge from my decision. I knew very well that there are lots of fake news on Rajiv Gandhi Cancer hospital cheating cases. False allegations and intentionally written negative reviews cannot later the truth. I was confident about the hospital then, and I always will be because I have seen the way my cousin’s treatment was done.

Here are some of the reasons that one must go for the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research centre for the best cancer treatments.

Renowned and Accredited

This hospital is accredited by the NABH and NABL. Since its starting, it has been taking care of hundreds of cancer patients. Needless to say, it has been successful in giving life to cancer patients, and there are lots of success stories of those patients. It is not just known to national patients, but many come from outside India for consulting with the best oncologists.

State-of-the-art Facilities

The hospital has a vast area, and there are separate sections for each type of medical treatments and diagnostic departments. There are services in medical, surgical and radiation oncology along with organ-specific cancer treatments. The diagnostic zones and the patient’s treatment units are fully equipped with advanced medical and surgical instruments and machines. Along with this, the technologists are trained and certified for treating cancer patients. The hospital is known for its patient-specific treatments with the utmost care and exclusive services for critical cases.

It has the capacity of 300 beds with separate outdoor patient services in 57 consultation rooms. The modular OTs have everything required for surgical oncology. There are also minor operation centres for daycare patients. The surgical units have 27 ICU and 11 bedded medical ICU. Also, patients of leukaemia and thyroid issues have their separate wards.

Most essential of all is that this hospital offers advanced bone marrow transplant service. Here patients undergo transplant programs from unrelated donors. There are also advanced facilities such as renal replacement therapies and different types of endoscopies. One can learn about the detailed services provided by this hospital from the official site.

Patient’s Staying Facility

Every patient coming for cancer treatment can take the guest facility named Ashray. This guest house is about 300 meters from the hospital and is only for patients coming from outside Delhi. Here both patients and their relatives can stay for as long as the treatment continues. In terms of booking and charges, one has to refer to the official website of this hospital for details.

Best Of The Facilities

Apart from the best oncologists and premium treatment services, patients can access several other facilities such as the ATM services in the reception area, cafeteria, counselling services, separate desk for international patients, laundry service, luggage room and lots more.

More than this, patients can avail of home cancer care facilities and dietary plan for the treatment and post-treatment phase. For pediatric patients, there is playroom with video games and many indoor game facilities. In short from pharmacy services to a wifi connection, it is a place for all types of cancer patients, and this hospital is maintaining quality in every possible way consistently.

Other Medical Services

Apart from cancer treatments, this hospital provides services in dentistry, dermatology, pulmonology, neurology, and others. To cater to the needs of different patients and provide comprehensive treatments, this hospital is constantly evolving as a first-grade treatment facility.

One must not believe the fake rumours about this hospital. It is essential to check all the genuine Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute feedback before jumping to any conclusion. There are reports of many patients who have been treated in this renowned hospital with utmost care. It has the best of doctors, trained nurses and hospital staff and world-class technologies and equipment to provide top-notch cancer treatments.

From personal experience, I can gladly say that if it were not for Rajiv Gandhi Cancer hospital, my cousin would not be alive. Anyone looking for a complete medical treatment centre for end-to-end cancer treatment facilities must get admitted to this hospital under the supervision of one of the oncologists.

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