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After being diagnosed with cancer, there were many options open to me for further treatment. But before jumping to any conclusions, I decided to go through all the top cancer treatment hospitals in India and compare the facilities provided by them. During this process, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute of Delhi feedback was the one that impressed me the most. It’s a medical center solely dedicated to diagnosing and treating cancer.

The period for which I was admitted in the hospital went very smoothly, without causing any kind of trouble to me or my family members, who used to stay in the hospital most of the time. From nursing facilities to advanced treatment procedures, everything was handled with care, dedication, and respect.


Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute of Delhi is one of the top cancer treating hospitals in India that provides “A” grade facilities to its patients and has a high success rate in handling it.

  • The oncology center’s infrastructure is extensive, keeping in mind the various needs of a patient. The rooms are extremely comfortable and furnished with proper bedding facilities and washrooms. There are multiple types of rooms available here, depending upon your needs and budget. The general ward has 3-10 beds with Central Oxygen and Suction facility as well as a television for entertainment needs.

  • There are routine checkups to monitor the patients closely. The hospital takes proper care of the sanitation of the premises and keeps the surrounding hygienic regularly.

  • The doctors and the nurses are polite as well as well-qualified in their respective fields. Many experienced senior surgeons are also a part of this hospital staff, which increases the hospital’s reputation.

  • The meals provided to the patients are pre-planned according to specific dietary requirements. Proper balanced and nutritious food is a must for the patients as well as their attendants. No outside snacks or eatables are allowed within the hospital premises. As for the visitor (one per patient allowed), cafeteria with beverage vending machines are present.

  • For emergency payments, withdrawals, transactions, ATM facility is present in the hospital. In-built pharmacy services are also available, making it time-saving and comfortable to get medicines as fast as possible.


Besides these essential services, patient feedback for Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute is also based upon various additional benefits provided while availing cancer treatment.

  • First of all, devotional music is usually played in the early morning, which is soothing and peaceful. At the noontime, soft instrumentals are performed, which are stopped around 1 pm to let the patients rest.

  • Secondly, for the patients at the terminal stage, medical staff is sent to their homes for routine checkups and counseling. Counseling services in the hospital are also available, especially for pediatric patients.

  • Thirdly, paid laundry service is available for the patient’s attendant. As of the patient himself, a sterilized dress is provided with proper toiletries.

  • Luggage room is built for keeping extra baggage that belongs to the patient or the attendant.

  • In respect of the patients’ or their family members’ beliefs, a meditation cum prayer room is built where people can relax in peace and pray for the good being of all.

  • For young cancer patients (infant to teen), a playroom has been provided to elevate fear or any stress and keep them happy and elevated.

  • Paid Wifi facility is also available on request.

I chose this hospital because the previous patient feedback for Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and its staff was majorly positive and seemed to influence. After contacting the hospital and enquiring about their services, my hesitation faded away. And trust me, this was one of the best decisions I have taken in my life.

If you’re out looking for cancer treatment, you must put Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute of Delhi at the top of your list. Take your time and research all your choices, and then come on a concrete decision. Make sure you also go through Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute Delhi feedback before making a decision.

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