Way to Know Fake Cheating & Complaints Against Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital

Cancer is one of the shattering diseases that keep growing day by day. Fighting cancer is not possible only with medicines. The patients need specialised care and friendly approach. This was what I learned when my cousin suffered from cancer. She had throat cancer, and the problem was that it was not diagnosed properly, and we wasted time running around from hospital to hospital. This increased the intensity of the disease when we had finally found why she was getting white sores often, and throat pain. Our family friend suggested visiting Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, where he got cured for lung cancer. So we decided to try this hospital too.


When entered into the hospital I felt positive, which was not I experienced when I walked to other hospitals. The hospital was hygienic and huge infrastructure. The staff were friendly to help, and guide us to go to the various tests. The hospital is a one-stop solution for all cancer-related treatment and diagnosis options. We never had to find troubles in finding the diagnosis centres inside the campus. The infrastructure is quite huge, and this is because all the modern state of art technology equipment are present in this hospital. The charges are always high when it comes to cancer treatment. But, what is the difference in RGCIRC is that the comfort they provided for my cousin is unparalleled. The best hospital for cancer treatment is RGCIRC. The attitude of the doctors and support staff prove that they aim at offering specialised and individualised care for each patient.

When you read Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital cheating reviews, do not pay heed to them. Most of them are fake reviews. From our experience, all the two years we were in and out of the hospital for various steps of the treatment process, we never lost hope. This credit goes to the team of professionals who always gave clarity and cleared all our questions. When my cousin had to stay for a few days during the surgery for the removal of cancerous growth, the rooms were comfy and clean. The nurses and other staff ensured that everything was perfect for my cousin. She had other health complications too, like diabetes and high blood pressure. The doctors formulated a plan for her, and this meant no adverse effects popped in due to these complications

I still remember the positive approach and patient-friendly care offered by the doctors. This still continues after 2 years when she goes for the periodic check-up. The Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital complaint and bad reviews you see are not real. They do not have any specific details and simply claim the hospital to be inefficient. This is our real experience, where we witnessed my cousin battling cancer every minute. In fact, there is no surprise for us that this is the topmost hospital for a cancer hospital in Asia. The track record is highly reliable and offers highly efficient and superior quality treatment to every patient. My cousin is now free from cancer after a rigorous treatment process by the efficient doctors of Rajiv Gandhi hospital.

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